Z-Wave USB Stick



Z-Wave USB Stick

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Z-Wave Me Z-Stick UZB1

This USB stick is connected to a PC or any other computing platform with USB interface to a wireless Z-Wave.

A control software compatible with the Sigma Designs API standard is required to use the functions of the device.

This software besides this UZB create a static controller to manage and use the Z-Wave devices from multiple vendors. This stick works with all Z-Wave certified devices regardless of its manufacturer or date of origin.

The Sigma Designs specific serial API is available for all owners of a Sigma Designs Z-Wave SDK.


Compared to the design standard firmware used by almost all Z-Wave USB Stick and Other Hardware Host Interface Z-Wave, firmware UZB offers several extensions and improvements:


  • Backup and recovery function including network topology
  • Optimized management of the transmission queue to speed up the transmission process
  • Firmware update from the operating system level in the field
  • Trusted Platform Module apply strong encryption
  • Wakeup extended Notification
  • Manipulation to extend the time of the battery life of battery-powered devices in the network


The UZB comes with two versions: UZB1 without any additional software license.

It can be used with any third-party software Z- Wave.

UZBWAY is the combination of 'UZB plus a license key for the controller software Z-Way.

Z-Way will always require a hardware Z-Wave. Me to run, is a UZB (licensed) or tab Razberry.


The UZB1 is certified Z-Wave Plus: higher radio range of a 67% more than its predecessor and 50% more battery life are among the most important characteristics of this new technology.


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Z-Wave USB Stick

Z-Wave USB Stick

Z-Wave USB Stick

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