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Software z-wave controller

On January of 2014. the idea of Paigo was born in our CO-Founder's – Kamil Pawlak – head. He wanted to create something new and innovative. In the stores and on the internet there are many different kinds of home automation systems, so he decided to make a product that involves everything in one place. 

In that time he shared the idea to his friend, Piotr Gonet, who showed much interest and decieded it is something worthwhile to shape, working together they focused on the project. Paying the most attention on the 'inside'; what to have included in the product so it can be a replacement of everything else. The idea was written down, and in the end become a nice list. 

First the home automation part was taken under consideration. That can be automatized in our home; lights, temperature, electrical devices, sensors … These are all easy to connect together, they all use electricity. 

As every home needs to be safe, here came the second important part for Paigo, that is security. Need a proper alarm system with all the devices? IP cameras, motion detectors and the proper monitoring, all can easily control the entire house. 

Having the two most important parts already included, the third main part is entertainment. Want to have TV, internet, and media center all in one place? Also the most relevant files stored away securely and communication with friends all over the world. 

In May of 2014, with everything in mind, as the idea shaped out, the development process started. First of all, the hardware of Paigo. As it should only have two important peices, the server, where everything is present and a remote control, which can replace all the others and innovative enough to use for every kind of task. We were testing many different kinds of motherboards and CPU's, to find the one that met our expectations. The most power and cost efficient with the proper set up, memory and internet connection (WLAN WiFi) involved and a built in storage for up to 500GB. 

In August of 2014 a prototype software was finished and ready to test out with Paigo. Building in the parts, the server was shaped, also the remote control met the expectations, it is the only one you will need. With the software completed, the testing can start. 

In December of 2014 the first prototype completely born and is fully functional, testing it with the IP cameras, the alarm system and sensors. Z-Wave devices are also paired easily. This included storage working properly and added KODI, to feel like you could be in a theater. Skype makes you reach friends easily and we also included a browser. 

End of phase 1. 

January 2015.
Making the website. Video describing Paigo with the most crucial parts involved and what it can do. 

April 2015.
Getting ready for the certifications, writing the manuals. Continuous co-operation with other companies.

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