Paigo Z-Liva



Controller z-wave evoluto con mappe grafiche e PLEX Home Theater

449,00 €

Intelligence - The future in your hands

With Paigo Liva you can easily control and monitor your home via computer, tablet or phone even from the other side of the world. Control the lighting not only with switches, but also from the application level. You can specify your preferred temperature in any room, and sensors as well as detectors immediately notify you of danger. Adjust the air conditioning and heating to your own comfort level.

Safety- Be calm

Paigo is not just automated technology. It is also a high level of security that is ensured by our professional Alarm System. In case of intrusion of unauthorized individuals into your home, the alarm will immediately be issuing a loud beep and a flashing warning light. The situation will be notified in the form of an e-mail or a text message directly on your smartphone.

Be "Eco"

Save energy. Take care of the environment with us. Paigo Intelligent System will help you control water and power consumption. Imagine that you can be "eco" every day and without constant control! Save extra time and money! Remember that Paigo will turn off the lights, close the door behind you, adjust the temperature, or disconnect any unused electrical devices at specific time.


All in one Paigo is also your own Media Center. Now you can store your favorite photos, music and videos in one place! Watch HD movies, listen to the radio or your favorite music, watch live TV, record your favorite movies and television programs. Connect with your family and friends from around the world easily with Skype or Viber. Browse the Internet by Chrome. What's more - Paigo also can be used as a Wi-Fi router.






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Paigo Z-Liva

Paigo Z-Liva

Controller z-wave evoluto con mappe grafiche e PLEX Home Theater

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